Have you considered what happens to SPH if it goes to a digital exchange with “empty pockets”? I mean if there is no products ready? Especially after project is 4-6 months late.
When SPH (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) are launched into a digital currency exchange or when they are in the digital currency exchange, then no one – including us – cannot predict what is going to happen for the cryptocurrency. By reflecting on history and learnings from the past, we can say that we also believe that SPH will initially start at lower prices, just as it has been for all other cryptographic currencies and ICOs out there.

This is simply due to the fact that some of the investors “dump” the coins on the market because they want to quickly get euros (or other cryptos) for whatever reason. After a while, the situation calms down and it is assumed that the price of the coin will rise. What is important is to keep your head cool and wait. Patience is a virtue, even in this context.

We firmly believe that SPH will, for many reasons, be very stable and good cryptocurrency in the future. Our company’s intention is to make it desirable and popular as a cryptocurrency associated with gaming and other activities. There are plenty things to come, but we cannot or want to at this time publicly tell more about these projects.

We understand that you might think, that the project is 4-6 months late. At the very beginning we ourselves thought things would go “to the finish line” faster. However, many things affect many, and now we are here. We are going forward all the time, and soon SPH is also a tradeable currency. Of course, we are not nor have been delaying anything in purpose.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2018
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