How is it with BeedUp? In live chat, you have explained delays in BeedUp and said that it is available in September. Now in latest roadmap, it was postponed with 3-4 months.
The BeedUp project is moving forward, and quite quickly. BeedUp is our partner’s project and we do not directly control or monitor their project execution. However we do have some control as one of the stakeholders. At the moment, we have had a possibility to test the first social media functionalities. This allows them to continue development and to add new features.

So to summarize, the BeedUp project is owned and controlled by an own company and other people. We consult and help them as needed and as good as we can. We will work with them with wallet integration and to bring SPH onboard as easy-to-use currency as it is with ClickJackpot game. Our work and efforts are very much appreciated! They highly trust SPH coin and to bring their platform to work with SPH coins only.

The first application is going to be “BeedUp – the social betting platform”. BeedUp will be a very nice opportunity for the future growth of SPH coin.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2018
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