Shouldn’t the game be released as real game before entering the first digital exchange? Otherwise you might not be able to do great marketing for the game and with that be able to boost the SPH coin as well.
As described in previous question, the ClickJackpot Beta label is not related to our schedule with SPH entering any digital exchange. They are different things. In our project plan we aim to do both and they are very close to each other (in the project timeline).

But you are right that promoting ClickJackpot will help us to expand our user base and generate better demand for SPH. So we will be continuing that work in our marketing. We, of course, look forward, to get help from all of our existing users and gamers, as it is utmost important that everyone shares and refers the ClickJackpot game to all of your friends. This will boost the user base growth in organic way.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2018
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